Why Moving to Toronto’s Moore Park Neighbourhood Is a Great Idea

The Moore Park neighbourhood was founded by a gentleman known as John Thomas Moore. This is how the neighbourhood received its name. In 1889, Moore Park was subdivided as an exclusive Toronto suburb that was marketed to the wealthy. In 1891, Mr. Moore built two bridges to encourage potential home buyers. Mr. Moore also helped in the design the Belt Line Railway, Toronto’s first commuter train. He personally oversaw the construction of the Belt Line’s showpiece station that’s located at Moore Park. This neighbourhood was annexed by the City of Toronto on December 16, 1912. Driveway parking post The first homes weren’t built until the early 1900’s, the neighbourhood completed its development by 1940. The primary style of houses in the neighbourhood are: English Cottage, Georgian, and Tudor. Each home in Moore Park has a large lot, and many of the houses are built along one of the ravines that skirt the neighbourhood. These high end homes have shared driveways, allowing for a friendly community. Moore Park is known as one of Toronto’s quietest and cleanest neighbourhoods! Theres two major shopping districts available for the residents of Moore Park. You can choose from either the Yonge or the Mount Pleasant shopping districts, better yet, check out both! Both of these shopping districts are well known for their excellent selection of gourmet food shops and fine dining. The Yonge shopping district also features: business and medical services, boutiques, and grocery stores. For all the nature and fitness enthusiasts, this neighbourhood offers plenty to keep you busy all year round!

  • The Moore Park Ravine – offers an eight kilometre foot path that passes through Rosedale Ravine, all the way to the old Don Valley Pressed Brickworks. Throughout the path you will experience the thickly-wooded slopes and wetlands, viewing birds and other wildlife in their natural habitat, all while enjoying a great workout!
  • Mount Pleasant Road – This area offers: five tennis courts, a baseball diamond, and a wading pool. You can also join the tennis club, if you’re looking to take your tennis game to the next level.
  • The Rosedale-Moore Park Association – located at the Mooredale House, an old mansion. The association provides locals with a bunch of activities that are fun for both children and adults, including: a swimming club, and summer camps for children.

Depending on your goals, you may be interested in all the above fitness opportunities. Check them out to see what they’re really about. Moore Park is in close to many schools. Whether you’re going to college, or your children are going to elementary school, you won’t need to travel far. There are over nine schools in the area, that range from elementary school to post secondary. The local library provides residents with a variety of programs, including a series of summer day camps. The library is also a sure way to improve your studies while you’re going to school! For public transportation, Moore Park residents often use the Toronto bus service, or the local subway station. It takes approximately ten minutes to get to downtown Toronto from the neighbourhood.