Castlepoint, Bournemouth Shopping Centre – A Review

About Castlepoint Shopping Centre

Situated three miles north-east from the town centre of Bournemouth is Castlepoint Shopping Centre. In the 90’s, the site was known as the Hampshire Centre.

In the late 90’s the Hampshire Centre was full of derelict shops. It was rebuilt, and around 2003, Castlepoint opened. The centre covers around 401 acres. 레플리카 시계

Shops and parking

It has 2 levels of parking, containing 3,000 spaces. The parking is free (for 3 hours I think). There are 40 shopping outlets, many of which are fashion outlets. Shops include Sainsburys, Asda, M&S, Clintons, TK Maxx, B&Q, Robert Dyas, WHSmith, Boots, Gap, Dorothy Perkins, Burtons, Game, HMV and H&M. Castlepoint has, in my opinion, become more popular than the town centre as it has free parking. The town centre’s parking is almost all fee-charging. A lot of shops at Castlepoint are open later, till 8pm, especially around Christmas. Asda is open 24 hours a day except on a Sunday.

Construction of the Car park

There have been ongoing problems with the car park. At one point concrete fell from the car park, and as a result netting and temporary props were erected. These have now been there for many years and there is no sign to a permanent solution to the car parks safety. (the car park is safe to use in the meantime and meets Health & Safety requirements) The car park was open,closed and partly closed many times throughout the 2000’s.


Accessibility is pretty good. Bus routes go past Castlepoint. It is close to the Wessex Way, which is the main route to Bournemouth from the North. Cycle routes to go the centre, although these have a habit of stopping and starting.


Generally, I find shopping at Castlepoint pleasant. It is usually hygienic and easy to navigate. Generally busy, but not too busy. You can find the shop you want easily, buy what you want and leave.

Castlepoint does create a lot of traffic, both in the centre and on the roads around the centre. This is especially true around the school holidays, weekends and the weeks leading to Christmas.