Are You Pushing Or Pulling Your MLM Prospects?

There is a right way and a wrong way to prospect in Network Marketing.
Over the past 50 years, the most commonly-taught method of prospecting
was the wrong way – the push.

For whatever reason, and in direct contradiction to how practically all other businesses
gain new customers, Network Marketing has been all about pushing. Making a list
of friends, co-workers and family members. Checking it twice. Calling everyone on
it to ask for an appointment to share the opportunity. Calling them again, even if
they said no. “No means sell me some more, right?” I once heard a MLMer describe
their method of qualifying prospects (and only half jokingly) this way: Take a mirror.
Shove it under the prospect’s nose. Withdraw it and check for any vapor. If there’s
vapor, PRESENT THE BUSINESS! It’s also known as “the 3-foot rule” – If anyone
comes within 3 feet of you, no matter who they are, or where you’re located, hit them
up with the business. Pushing. Aggressiveness. Being PUSHY. It’s scared or
chased more millions of people out of the industry than any half-baked product or 2-bit
compensation plan ever could dream of doing. It’s still being done. Regularly. And
with the same dismal results vaporizer wholesale distributors

The other method, although long practiced, is far more obscure. Partly due to the fact
that it requires EMOTIONAL MATURITY and a strong understanding of DELAYED
GRATIFICATION to implement, it’s largely ignored. Most really successful network
marketers practice it in some fashion, even if they didn’t start their careers out doing
so. I call it pulling. Attracting. True prospect qualifying or filtering. When you pull
a prospect, you are NOT TRYING TO RECRUIT THEM. Pulling involves letting the
prospect do all the work. In essence, they recruit themselves. How? It’s pretty simple.
You see, people rarely buy into the products, the company, the compensation plan, the
fact that the operation has expanded to 47 different countries, the huge number of
awards for excellence….none of that. People are buying YOU, the business owner.

So what does it take to “pull” prospects? You have to become a professional marketer.
Contrary to popular belief (or perhaps in harmony with it), the vast majority of network
marketers are hardly professional. Most are just following what their sponsors tell them
to do. See above. The blind leading the blind. If you venture into the arena of Internet
Marketing as it relates to Network Marketing, be prepared for a steep fall – off a proverbial
cliff. Many MLM companies don’t even allow their distributors to do real Internet Marketing
(ie. custom web sites, professional autoresponders, listbuilding, lead development and
capture, email marketing) so why should they bother to learn? It’s back to the home
meeting and the 3-way call for them.

Hopefully, I’ve given you a new tool for segmenting the Network Marketing industry. If you
are in the industry, or even if you have no inclination for MLM at all, the next time talk
turns to network marketing, think about these two concepts: push versus pull. One is yesterday’s
news. The other, properly cultivated, can make you a small fortune.